The Thursday Roundup

The Thursday Roundup is your source for the top stories trending online – all related to justice innovation and access to justice. Each week, tune in for a review of the week’s biggest stories.

Legal Innovation in the News
Your Top Stories:

  • From Karen Dyck on SLAW: What might a multi-disciplinary practice approach look like in law school? In Manitoba, universities are working to build stronger relationships between students from different disciplines who ultimately will work together professionally, allowing students to collaborate and understand each other’s profession before entering the working world.
  • Queen’s Law recently unveiled a new location which centralizes Queen’s Law’s five different clinics: Queen’s Legal Aid, Queen’s Business Law, Elder Law, Family Law and Prison Law. The new downtown clinic hub will allow for increased accessibility and collaboration, bringing the clinics to one location so they can work together. [via The Whig].
  • Education Minister Peter Fassbender announced a new B.C. Innovation Strategy where selected schools in B.C. will become “innovation schools” that will serve as testing grounds for the type of personalized, flexible learning that the B.C. education system is moving toward. To learn more about BC’s education strategy and the commitment to personalized learning, click here. [via Vancouver Sun].