The Thursday Roundup

The Thursday Roundup is your source for the top stories trending online – all related to justice innovation and access to justice. Each week, tune in for a review of the week’s biggest stories.

Legal Innovation in the News
Your Top Stories:

  • A new crowdfunding platform called Justice Fundr has just launched! Justice Fundr will fund litigation in the public interest. Their first project was started by Osgoode’s own @dwjudson. The find out if you have a project that meets their criteria, click here. To keep up with their upcoming projects, follow on Twitter @JusticeFundr.
  • Earlier this month, the Alberta Courts announced they will no longer be publishing their judgments on their website. Instead, the site now redirects users to CanLii as a cost-saving measure. To read about the concerns from Albertans, click here.
  • From the Hartford Courant and the ABA ATJ blog: legal aid lawyers in Connecticut and NuLawLab of Boston’s Northeastern University are developing a video game to help self-represented litigants navigate the court system. Once complete, the game will be available for free on, which provides free legal information to low-income self-represented litigants in Connecticut.