Honorary Chair


Throughout his distinguished career as a labour lawyer, Judge of the Superior Court of Justice, Regional Senior Justice and Chief Justice of Ontario, former Chief Justice Winkler has devoted himself to the improvement of both traditional and alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Often referred to as “Canada’s Mediator,” former Chief Justice Winkler has a reputation for using creative and innovative techniques to settle some of Canada’s most high profile and difficult disputes. He obtained national prominence after successfully settling many high profile multi-party disputes, including those involving the restructuring of Air Canada, Canwest Global and Shaw Communications, the Walkerton tainted water tragedy, and the Indian Residential Schools litigation.

As the first institute of its kind in Canada, the Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution will remain a lasting tribute to his renowned career and his outstanding public service to the justice system. As a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, former Chief Justice Winkler will act as the Honorary Chair of the Winkler Institute.


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