Devoted to innovation, research, and education, the projects of the Winkler Institute focus on the experimentation and implementation of innovative and creative ideas and practices in dispute resolution.

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Indigenous Youth: Designing a Better Justice System

The Winkler Institute facilitated a design thinking workshop in Thunder Bay, where approximately 25 Indigenous youth were leaders in developing ideas for technology solutions that directly respond to the need to build a justice system and jury process that is reflective of Indigenous experiences and responsive to Indigenous traditions.

Legal Innovation and Education Workshop

To address the changing expectations of justice users and make the justice system more accessible, innovation in how we deliver legal services is a must. However, to truly reimagine the justice system for the 21st century, innovation must take place within the legal profession generally, but also in legal education more specifically. To steal a phrase from Richard Susskind, we must think about how we educate “tomorrow’s lawyers” today. Tomorrow’s lawyers will need an additional set of skills, not only to succeed in the profession, but to thrive in it and change it.

Annual Report 2017-2018

We are pleased sure to share with our annual report on the Institute’s activities for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Justice Innovation and Access to Justice Program

The Justice Innovation and Access to Justice Program supports the development of experiential learning programs on access to justice and innovation for JD Candidates at Osgoode Hall Law School. The courses developed through the Program provide JD Candidates with an opportunity to learn the theory and tools needed to promote innovation in the legal field, apply these tools […]

HackJustice: An Access to Justice Hackathon

On February 3rd and 4th, students, legal professionals, computer scientists, software developers, members of the public and professionals of various disciplines came together for a hackathon designed to create technology applications to improve access to justice.

Justice Design Project

The JDP is a week-long workshop for current post secondary students where students work in a hands-on environment to learn about innovation, its various tools and methods, and how these tools are being applied in the justice sector.

Yukon Simplified Court Forms

In the fall of 2015, The Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution was invited by Yukon Courts and the Yukon Department of Justice to spearhead a family justice design workshop. Assistant Director Nicole Aylwin incorporated an innovative Human-Centered-Design approach to improving and simplifying family court forms.

Journal of Arbitration and Mediation

In 2014 the Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution partnered with the Université de Sherbrooke, Faculty of Law, and the Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law, to publish The Journal of Arbitration and Mediation (the Journal). The Journal was the first Canadian bilingual peer-reviewed publication to focus exclusively on dispute prevention and resolution. Since 2010 it has published some 50 […]

Family Justice & Mental Health Social Lab

The Family Justice & Mental Health Social Lab is a landmark collaborative project that explores how we might improve the experience of litigants with mental health challenges in the family justice system. The project takes a collaborative and user-centered approach to problem solving. It brings together experts such as social workers, lawyers, mental health workers, psychologists, family physicians, academics, and […]

Innovation, Dispute Resolution & Access to Justice: A Needs Assessment

From September 2014 – September 2015 researchers at the Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution conducted over 30 interviews and 5 focus groups with justice stakeholders including lawyers, legal educators, legal entrepreneurs, legal clinic staff, policy makers, governments, judges, trusted intermediaries and users, in order to gain insight into how we might build capacity for innovation within the civil […]

Innovation and Access to Justice Conference

In October 2015 the Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution co-organized the first ever Innovation and Access to Justice Conference in Canada. The conference featured workshops, plenaries and presentations by A2J stakeholders from across Canada, as well as a small contingent from the U.S. Over the course of two days, participants discussed and participated in workshops that examined topics […]

Annual Joint Winkler Institute/IAM/OsgoodePD Conference on Mediation

Each year the Winkler Institute partners with the International Academy of Mediators and Osgoode Professional Development to host a continuing legal education conference on mediation. This year’s conference, “Mediation Advocacy in the Age of Diversity: Advanced Tools and Techniques for Lawyers and Mediators” was held May 11, 2017.