Yukon Simplified Court Forms

In the fall of 2015, The Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution was invited by Yukon Courts and the Yukon Department of Justice to spearhead a family justice design workshop. Assistant Director Nicole Aylwin incorporated an innovative Human-Centered-Design approach to improving and simplifying family court forms.

What was unique about this workshop was that the Human-Centered-Design technique focusses directly on the needs of the users, to come up with ways to improve their experience of the Yukon family court system. By engaging directly with unrepresented persons experiencing family court issues, and incorporating feedback from other access to justice stakeholders, including lawyers, community service providers, judges and members of the public, points of difficulty within the system are identified and addressed. Some of the difficulties users experienced were a result of the stress and anxiety that arose from the complicated nature of the family court forms, including the requirement to complete the same forms throughout various stages of family court proceedings.

After this initial workshop, Nicole Aylwin returned to the Yukon, and working closely with the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC), and with their support, developed a completely redesigned family law statement of claim form, which directly addressed each of the ‘pain points’ advanced from the initial design workshop. A final report of the process from start to finish will soon be available, but to find out more about the initial workshop in the fall, be sure to read about it in our blog post here.